Cessna 650 Parts

Cessna 650 parts

We have a fully disassembled Cessna 650 available to fulfill your spare part needs. Below is a list of the major Cessna 650 serviceable parts we have in stock. Check for other parts here. If you are in need of a part unrelated to Cessna 650 parts, please let us know. 

TFE731-3-100 Engine
6252019-91 Inlet
735238-20 Inlet
6252120-45 LH Lower Cowling
6252120-47 LH Upper Cowling
6252120-46 RH Lower Cowling
6252120-48 RH Upper Cowling
9914214-3 LH Thrust Reverser Assy
9914214-4 RH Thrust Reverser Assy
9914095-1 Oil Temperature Indicator
9914095-10 Fuel Temperature Indicator
9914095-2 Oil Pressure Indicator
9914095-20 Interturbine Temperature Indicator
9914095-3 Fuel Flow Indicator
9914052-9 Starter Generator
6241100-3 LH MLG Assy
6241100-4 RH MLG Assy
6242010-2 Nose Landing Gear