Cessna 551Parts

Citation II Jet Parts

We are committed to assisting you with all of your used jet part needs. Marklyn Jet Spares has a fully disassembled Cessna 551 / Citation II available to complete your order. Below is a list of the major Cessna 551 serviceable parts we have in stock. Click here to view our extensive inventory of  Cessna 551 parts

5552250-35 LH Inlet Assy
5552250-36 RH Inlet Assy
5552110-75 LH Lower Cowling
5552150-51 LH Upper Cowling
5552150-52 RH Upper Cowling
5552110-74 RH Lower Cowling
202-0000-1 Thrust Reverser Assy
202-0000-3 Thrust Reverser Assy
202-0002-1 LH Lower Door Assy
202-0002-2 RH Lower Door Assy
520850 Glide Path Indicator
011-01067-50 GNS 530AW TAWS
064-1016-03 HF Controller
10450-11139 Altimeter
1234T100-3ATZ Turn and Slip Indicator
9912038-4 Starter Generator
JT15D-4 Engine