Aircraft Parts

Marklyn Jet Spares understands that the people involved in aviation are more than owners and operators. They are the caregivers to these airframes. Engage an owner or operator in a conversation about their airplane and you will not be disappointed with the stories that will ensue. The memories that will be shared will range from the most heroic to the fanciful. From World War II to present day, from newly soloed pilots to maintenance and ground crews. We all have stories about the aircraft that has shaped our lives and careers.

Here at Marklyn Jet Spares we have built a business around acquiring certain donor aircraft. The reasons for these aircraft end up with us are many. With these donors we also acquire the stories that accompany the aircraft. We have not heard all the stories these aircraft have to tell. As we connect in the Marketplace selling parts to support the owners and operators we like to hear any stories you might have about the aircraft we oversee.

I like to think Marklyn Jet Spares has a positive impact on the aviation community with the services we provide. Not only do we respect the stories that we inherited with our aircraft but we take pride in the stories we are building with our donor aircraft. In the coming days we will post some of the stories we have for our aircraft. I will also update the aviation community with what aircraft parts we have and any items our customers have inquired about.

We specialize in used aircraft parts. Below is a list of the aircraft we have disassembled. If you are in need of a part unrelated to the aircrafts below please let us know.

Westwind 1124                   S/N 234

Phenom 100                       S/N 0196

Citation 551                        S/N 007

Falcon 20 F Model            S/N 356

Citation 650                        S/N 0069

Jason Hedtke
General Manager